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Sugar Creek Tow Truck has been a proud partner to the community of Sugar Creek for years, and no matter if youTowing Service Kansas City are looking for a quality towing service, or just simply a tow, the team at Sugar Creek Tow Truck should be your first call. Let our teamwork with you, and ensure that you are being treated how you should be during a towing service! Call us today 816-583-0317, and experience the difference that a quality towing company can make on your next towing service!

Towing Services At Sugar Creek Tow Truck

We are not like the other guys, we here at Sugar Creek Tow Truck are a full-service towing service company. This means that our drivers do a little more than just hook up your car or truck. We will see if we can diagnose the issue and fix it on the side of the road before having to tow you to a service center. This will not only save you time and money, but it will let you know what to expect if you are needing to head to a mechanic. Let our team practice their craft, and you might be leaving with a smaller bill than you could ever expect. Below you will find a small part of our award-winning service we are proud to offer here at Sugar Creek Tow Truck 24/7 no matter the weather for our customers in and around Sugar Creek, MO.

24/7 Emergency Service
Accident Recovery
Lockout Service
Tire Change Service
Jump Start Service
Gas Delivery Service

Other services

Kansas City Roadside AssistanceWe know that a towing company is only as strong as the towing service, and thus our focus on the various types of towing. We offer light duty towing for those with consumer vehicles, medium duty towing for those with work trucks, or cube vans with heavy equipment and heavy-duty towing for those with tractor trailers or charter buses. No matter the vehicle the team at Sugar Creek Tow Truck will be able to handle it. We are one of the only companies in the state that can handle heavy duty towing, and are certainly excited to offer this service to fleets and independent truckers. As well, we are now offering roadside assistance to our light duty towing customers. This service allows for a low monthly fee to cover towing, services and any other small issues that may come up. We are one of the first in the state of MO to offer this service, and we cannot wait to help you out in case of issues with your car or truck.

We here at Sugar Creek Tow Truck are proud to now accept all major credit cards, and further to this, are extremely proud to be working with the great people at Independence Tow Truck. Our partnership with Independence goes far back and allows our drivers to cover a wider service area without sacrificing response time for service. It is the best of both worlds, and here at Sugar Creek Tow Truck, we could not be happier. Call us today 816-583-0317, and experience a quality towing service that is working with you, and only at Sugar Creek Tow Truck.


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